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  • Dark Hedges, Armmoy, Northern Ireland


HBO's award winning television series has used the stunning scenery of Northern Ireland to represent everything from Winterfell to the Iron Islands. NI Tours can incorporate filming locations described below into existing tour itineraries, or if you prefer, can focus solely on Game of Thrones ® for dedicated fans of the series.

Downhill Beach – Dragonstone Downhill beach is an 11km stretch of unblemished sand, with the iconic Mussenden Temple perched on a cliff at one end. The beach was transformed into Dragonstone for Season 2 – it’s where the old gods burn and where Stannis pulls the flaming sword.

Larrybane Head – The Stormland Larrybane is a dramatic, sweeping headland and was used for Renly Baratheon’s camp in Season 2. It’s where Catelyn Stark colludes in a treaty with Renly on behalf of her son, Robb.

Ballintoy Harbour – Pyke, the Iron Islands Close to the famous Giant’s Causeway, Ballintoy harbour is a beautiful location. It was used for exterior Pyke shots and as the Iron Islands. It’s where Theon Greyjoy arrives back and where he also admires his ship, the Sea Bitch. It’s also where he first meets his sister, Yara.

Murlough Bay – Storm’s End Murlough Bay is in North East County Antrim and was used as the Iron Islands in Season 3. This is where Theon Greyjoy rides on the horse with Yara. It’s also where Davos Seaworth is shipwrecked after the battle of Blackwater Bay.

Cushedun Caves – The Stormlands The 400 million year old caves at Cushendun were used in season 2 as the location for the birth of Melisandre’s shadow baby, after being brought ashore by Davos Seaworthy.

Dark Hedges – The King’s Road The Dark Hedges is a spooky avenue of beech trees, planted over 200 years ago. They were used in season 2 as the backdrop for the King’s Road where Ayra Stark makes her escape from King’s Landing.

Castle Ward – Winterfell Castle Ward is a stunning stately house with an exotic sunken garden and mysterious woodland, making it the perfect location for Winterfell and the lands surrounding it in the North. This is where King Robert Baratheon meets the Starks in season 1. It’s also where Bran and Osha’s scenes were shot for the same season.

Audley’s Field, Strangford Lough – Robb Stark’s camp Audley’s Field was used in season 1 for King Robert Baratheon’s arrival at Winterfell. It’s also the backdrop of Robb’s camp in season 2 and where he first meets Talisa. Audley’s Field is also where Alton Lannister is imprisoned with Jamie.

River Quoile – Riverrun This historic site was used as the location of the Twins in the Riverlands. In season 1 it’s where Robb’s army needs to cross the Trident and in the following episode, where Catelyn and Robb learn of Ned’s death.

Tollymore Forest Park – The Haunted Forest This beautiful forest was used as a location in the very first episode. It’s where a member of the Night’s Watch stumbles across dismembered Wilding bodies and where Ned Stark and his boys find the gored stag and direwolf pups.

Marble Arch Caves – Beric Dondarrion’s Hideout The exterior of the Pollnagollum Cave in County Fermanagh was used as the exterior of Beric Dondarrion’s hideout in season 3.

Studio Drive-by Indoor sets such as the Red Keep’s Great Hall, including the Iron Throne, the Sept of Baelor and the Eyrie with its terrifying Moon Door are located in the ‘Paint Hall’ studio in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. It’s the largest studio of its kind in the world. Although we can’t gain access to the studio itself, we can drive close by on our way to other Titanic-based tour stops. Please let us know if you’d like to include this drive-by in your tour.

Suggested Game of Thrones® Tours

Itinerary 1

Riverrun, Beric Dondarrion’s Hideout, The Haunted Forest, Robb Stark’s Camp, Winterfell, King’s Road. This is an all-day tour with lunch included.

Itinerary 2

Dragonstone, The Storm Land, Iron Islands, Storm’s End and incorporating The Giant’s Causeway. This is an all-day tour with lunch included

Our tours are operated independently and are not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with Game of Thrones ®.

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