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  • Glenarm, Northern Ireland

Fishing Trips

We're renowned the world over for the quality of our fishing, yet Northern Ireland still remains a peaceful and relatively uncluttered place to while away many an afternoon with rod in hand.

From the gentle beauty of the Fermanagh Lakes, the tempestuous flow of our rivers and the mythical depths of the seas off the North Antrim Coast, we have an unrivalled blend of salt and fresh; still and running.

Our local knowledge means we can take you to the very best locations, many of which are as yet undiscovered by the fishing masses. We can also organise permits, rod hire and licences.

And if you give us a day's notice and a small allowance, we can make you up a 'Fisherman's Picnic' so that you don't have to come off the water for the entire day.

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  • Glenarm Harbour
  • Dunluce Castle
  • Gleno Waterfall
  • Court Cairn